She Escaped A Gang R@pe & Ran To Clinic But They Didn’t Let Her In, She Died At Police Gate

You might assume that when people criticize public hospital nurses for having a lousy attitude and treating patients poorly, they are simply demeaning them.

Although there are some excellent nurses, the majority of them dress so poorly that visiting public hospitals can become unpleasant.

One sad woman holding her head in her hands

A recent popular story included a woman who was observed with a newborn baby lying at a hospital gate after nurses refused to let her enter the building due to load shedding.

There have been numerous instances of nurses at public hospitals refusing to assist patients, according to reports.

Another tragic case involving a 15-year-old girl Zenizole Vena from Eastern Cape, who died after being the victim of gang r@pe in South Africa and nurses’ refusal to assist her before calling the police recently broke.

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A 15-year-old girl was held as a prisoner and endured numerous s3xual assaults before she was able to escape and run away.

She hurried to the Motherwell clinic in need of assistance, but was turned away and instructed to first report the event to the community police.

Zenizole Vena

Sadly, she collapsed in the police station and was discovered dead on the floor.

Zenizole Vena died away while being held in a woman’s arms in the police community service center.

Ntantiso made numerous attempts to help her,first at the clinic and then at the police station, but neither place listened to her plea

Her Family’s Interview.

This is not the first instance where someone died as a result of receiving inadequate care at a public hospital.

Our healthcare system is not organized. It is necessary to hold accountable and discipline the nurses who advised her to contact the police first.

A s3xual ass@ult victim should receive quick care in the middle of all these kidnappings and killings, or the nurse could have phoned the police while she was helping the poor girl.

May justice be served for those who killed her and the nurses who refused to assist her, may her soul rest in peace.

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  1. Ankrah Prince says

    Very sad 😞 and can’t tell why somenbe health workers are If they can do the job they should step down for the good once to fit in 😓

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