Arabian forced me to eat his p00p and sleep with his d0g

A Ghanaian woman tells her painful experience of sleeping with a d-og and eating an Arab man’s fe,ces while visiting Dubai.

Following viral stories of several Nigerian women allegedly slee-ping with animals in Dubai, a Ghanaian woman has described a similar experience she had there, reinforcing the ongoing debate.

She claims that the ongoing economic struggle in Ghana compelled her to get in touch with a top slay queen who mostly uses social media to advertise her connections to wealthy Arabians who force her to engage in s3xual fetishes in order to gain money.

Apparently, she was unaware of this until she arrived in Dubai and had the time of her life with insane Arab males who were obsessed with her.

See her story captured below:

“Hi Aunty Ama, please keep this a secret for me in the name of God.

I realised i had to let it out when i saw some people air their views on other platforms.”

“I am also part of the ladys who have been sekzually abused in Dubai. i met a com lady on facebook who happens to travel there alot because i saw pictures of her on the dessert and all so when we started getting familiar through facebook comment i inbox her and we became friends from there.”


“Hmmm Aunty Ama the very day we went we didnt go to a hotel as she said, we went straight to one big house that belonged to one Arab man. He was excited to see me so knew that was the man she was about to link me to, that night she left for clubbing with the man’s friend. He tied me to the bed in a rom@ntic way and asked me to su*k his D1ck which i did but he won’t let me stop and my jaws were coming out he started be,at!ng me and telling me i was going to give him a b|ow job for an hour so i better cooperate because he was going to pay me 18,000 dollars.”

“i suffered but i did, the next minute he sat on my face i tot i was going to smell his @nus (so to speak) but he asked me to l!ck because that’s the only way he can come. I was hesitating till he threat-ened me with a live snake in the room. I had soo much regrets but i was already there, i l!cked it till p0o started coming out and this man asked me to eat it.”

“I have really suffered my God i still have scars on my body from the whips i got from not just eating everything..he brought a huge d0g for me to su©k on the gen!tals and warned that it will chew me if i dont do it well and that ended my life.he then left to his room and started talking to his friend on phone (i knew it was abiut me but i codnt understand the language) Aunt Ama didnt blink am eye that night.”

“The following day, my friend ¡nsulted me and told me how loose i am booked a flight for me to come bac to Ghana and gave me 5700 dollars.”

“I haven’t survived this and its been almost a year. I am contemplating on ending my life. I don’t know what to do. I reported to the police here to arrest the lady but they kept tossing me about, one of them told me it was even my fault”.

From her words it could be felt the great disgust she felt till now.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Eeii asem o

  2. Anonymous says

    Hmmmm so sorrowful and shameful
    May God have mercy on us…. Hmmmm

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