Men&Women:True definition of beauty.

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Men&Women:True definition of beauty.
-Misconception about beauty

Day in day out, the definition of perfection is changed.
What we perceive with our eyes is rarely the definition of beauty because beauty is more about the purity of the soul.

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The most beautiful face never possesses symmetry, just as lovely roses have thorns, and the most beautiful item always comes with baggage.Acne and pore face

What then is perfection? Can one define it? All of the said standards of perfection are established by us, the human race but have we sat down to think about the true meaning of beauty??

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You’ll feel amazing about yourself if you accept yourself just as you are.
Always remember that you are lovely in your own unique manner.

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1. Smile through any worries because you can fix them.
2. Always be there for people.
3. Forgive and let go easily.
4. Live your life like there’s no tomorrow.
5. Exercise daily and maintain a good eating habits.

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