Blac Chyna racked up $240 million in OnlyFans earnings in 2021, according to research publisher Statista.

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The 34-year-old mother-of-two was the top earner on the platform, Statista notes. She launched her OnlyFans in April 2020, charging a monthly subscription rate of $19.99, which gives users exclusive access to a mix of NSFW photos and videos.

Chyna spoke about her decision to join the platform during a 2020 interview with Baller Alert, noting she was using the income to expand her career and support her family.

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“I’m on OnlyFans so I can support the music because that stuff is not cheap at all,” she said. “Getting studio time, engineers, wardrobe, marketing, I’m using all these different hustles to support that and my kids. That’s the ultimate goal: to keep up their living of how they’re living now. I don’t want to be that parent where they have this now; then, when they get older, they don’t have it … I’m a single Black female supporting my kids. I don’t get any child support, so I have all these things like Blac Chyna’s Closet, the Dynasty Group, my music, the OnlyFans, Lash Cosmetics, promos that I do for other people, other companies to keep my household together.”

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