Man Confronts Girlfriend after Catching Her Cook for Him with Her Menstru@l Bl00d.

Man Confronts Girlfriend after Catching Her Cook for Him with Her Menstru@l Bl00d.

A Nigerian man identified as King Chizom has cried out on social media after catching his lover cooking with her menstru@l bl00d Kind Chizom said it was the first time the lady would be cooking for him and he could not believe his eyes Sharing his weird ordeal on Twitter, Chizom also revealed that the young lady is a Ghanaian and her friend advised her to do it

King Chizom, has narrated why he cut ties with his love interest. Taking to Twitter, the young Nigerian opened up about catching the pretty lady cooking for him with her menstru@l bl00d. Man nabs girlfriend cooking with menstru@l bl00d

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Photo Credit: King Chizom / Jasmin Merdan
Source: UGC According to Chizom, he visited his lover’s house to surprise her, only to catch her washing off the bl00d from her menstru@l pad and pouring it into the rice she was cooking for him.

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Upon interrogation, the Ghanaian lady revealed that she committed the act because her friend advised her to do it.

Chizom tweeted: “The first time she was cooking for me she washed off the bl00d from are menstru@l  pad and she poured the water in the rice she was cooking for me. I came back home just to surprise her and caught her in the act. And if you all think this is a joke, the lady was Ghanaian, and her friend advised her to do it.” Netizens react to story of King Chizom Bovie Wealth said: “It’s not a new thing now, even in this Osun state, Ilesha to be precise. We have people that do it very well for their husband or boyfriend, they call it óbe idi.” Aisha Jimoh wrote:

A Ghanaian friend once told me it’s a normal thing to do. She does it for her boyfriend because she learned it from her mom.” Esua Bertrand reacted: “God forb¡d!!!! how on earth can someone do that.” Faizah Raji commented: “I saw someone on TikTok promoting thos type of thing. Apparently, it’s to make you fall mad in love with them. God abeg.”

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