Bride calls off wedding when her future mother in-law did this.

After her fiancé’s mother DESTROYED her $16,000 dress while surreptitiously trying it on to show the bride was too obese to fit into it, the woman called off her wedding.

Bride calls off her wedding when her future mother in-law did this.

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Virginia bride used Reddit to explain why she had postponed her wedding.

Grooms mother was caught in the dress after testing it on without any undergarments.

She claimed she was doing her a favor by showing that she needed to lose weight in order to fit it.

Bride has now canceled the wedding after the fiancé reneged on his agreement to exclude her.

A woman opened up about how her mother-in-law tried on her wedding gown in secret and ruined it beyond repair, causing her to call off the wedding.

A few weeks ago, the unidentified bride from Virginia resorted to Reddit to vent her rage when her fiancé’s mother became stuck while attempting to take off the dress, ripped all the sheer material at the back, broke the zip, and left a soiled footprint on the train.

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‘She responded that she was just trying to make sure the dress would fit me; because if the dress fit her, then it absolutely fit me too. If it didn’t fit her, then I obviously had some work to do,’ she explained

She told her fiance that his mother was not allowed to attend after learning that the dress by Israeli designer Galia Lahav, whose works can cost up to $16K (£13,300) for their destination wedding in Colombia, was beyond repair.

Wedding dress

He first consented, but in an update earlier today, she claimed that she had canceled the wedding after learning that he had changed his mind and allowed her to go after all.

In order to demonstrate that she hadn’t shed enough weight for the big day, the bride-to-mother-in-law be’s ruined the dress while trying it on, forcing the bride to cancel the wedding.

She described how her partner’s mother had always been domineering and judgmental of their decisions as the background to the contentious scenario.

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‘She’ll do things like sit on my fiancé’s lap, or tuck his hair behind his ear, and cut his food for him.

On on occasion I actually saw her actually feed him…in public.’

Then, while she was distracted putting up a new bed in the spare room, her mother-in-law crept into her bedroom to try on her wedding dress.

‘I want to note, with HUGE amounts of disgust, that she was wearing no underwear,’ she added.

The woman explained how her fiancé’s mother had crept into her bedroom to secretly try on the dress, but left it in tatters after it got stuck while she was trying to take it off

‘There was also a bouquet of dried flowers on the bed that wasn’t there before.

I think the b**** was actually trying to pretend she was the bride, which for so many reasons, is so wrong.’

She refused to pay for the repairs despite the damage, claiming it was an accident and that she had been trying to help by “providing me a standard to aspire to.”

Anyhow, a seamstress confirmed that the dress couldn’t be fixed.

‘The beading in some parts is absolutely destroyed,’ the devastated bride explained.

The couple have now called off the wedding and are going to therapy to try to deal with the issues raised by the dress saga with his mother

‘The sheer back of the dress was torn to

shreds. She also ripped the tulle on my train, and the seams were split so badly and she’d torn through other parts of the dress to the point where they were beyond repair.’

After much arguing, her fiance agreed that he’d tell his mother not to come to the wedding, but later the woman found messages on his iPad showing that he’d caved in.

‘He had folded the very next day, saying that he had disinvited her for my sake but he still wanted her at the wedding.

The bride had made the proper choice to cancel the wedding, and some Redditors even indicated that her life might be in danger due to her prospective mother-in-law.

‘That he’d slowly work on changing my mind, and hopefully on the weekend of the wedding I’d be feeling forgiving and welcome her and if not, I could deal with it.’

This was the final straw and the wedding is now off and the couple are attending counselling in an attempt to rescue their relationship.

” want to be able to go the distance with him, but while she is in the picture I just don’t think I can,’ she explained.

Man left woman right

The woman was furious with her husband-to-be when she realised he had gone back on his promise not to allow his mother to come to the wedding.

Commenters agreed she had done the right thing, with many adding that she sounds like a ‘sick woman’.

‘I wonder if her ultimate plan was to surprise you and your fiance as “a joke” to show him how good looked in your dress.

‘That way on your wedding day he would be picturing her in the dress instead of you. Based on what you’ve said it doesn’t seem too far fetched.’

Another added: This woman is not to be trusted. I would make all meetings in public areas. If you need to, change the locks and set up cameras.’


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