Cheating Bride exposed by Groom on Wedding Day

Rose McQueens
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Bride caught Cheating on Groom.

In front of the shocked wedding guests, the groom plays a video of the bride ‘cheating’ on him.

Cheating Bride

Today’s video shows a GROOM getting even with his unfaithful wife by playing a clip of her cheating on him during their wedding.
When the preacher inquired about any objections to the wedding.

The groom unexpectedly raised his hand, leaving everyone wondering what he had to say.

When the bride was facing him, the groom confessed his love for her. He claimed he was planning on telling her something but was unsure of how.

On the day of their wedding, he allegedly made the decision to show her everything in a video.

After confessing his feelings to her, he brought a remote and used a projector facing the congregation to play a clip.

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Everyone yelled in disbelief when they saw the footage of the bride kissing another man. The bride covered her face with her flower bouquet as she felt embarrassed.

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