China Telecom Office Completely Destroyed By Fire.

A 42-story China Telecom office building is completely destroyed by fire, although there are no initial reports of any fatalities.

China Telecom on Fire
China Telecom on fire

BEIJING — The largest telecom operator in the nation’s 42-story building in central China caught fire, spewing flames and dark smoke, although no casualties were immediately recorded, according to officials.

China Telecom building on fire
Telecom on dark flames

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The Telecom building in Changsha, the provincial capital of central Hunan, caught fire on numerous floors.

According to the city’s fire department, 280 firefighters were dispatched, and they were able to put out the fire on the 720-foot building without delay.

No injuries or deaths have been reported, China Telecom said in a statement.

It’s said there was no disruption to cellphone service, but social media users complained of having no access to phones.

Videos of the blaze showed one side of the building scorched black, with debris falling to the ground.

China Telecom on fire

Other videos from local media showed workers inside managing to evacuate the building.

There was no immediate information on the cause of the blaze.



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