Civet Coffee: Made from Civet waste

Civet excretion
“Kopi luwak” or “Civet Coffee” is among the most costly and sought-after coffees in the world.

Coffee beans found whole in the droppings/poop) of the Asian palm Civet are used to make Civet coffee, which is a particular variety of coffee.


The type of coffee depends on the variety of beans the civet eats. It may feed on beans from the arabica coffee plant, the robusta, or any other coffee plant available to it.

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The droppings are gathered and the coffee beans are washed, roasted, grounded, and then brewed to produce what has become the world’s most expensive coffee.

Civet excretion

It can cost between $100 and $500 US per pound if you purchase it in that manner. In a cafe, a cup of civet coffee might cost between $35 and $80 US.

Kopi luwak coffee

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