DANGER: Man fights Leopard with bare hand and K!lled it

After putting up a valiant struggle against a stray leopard, Ndumiso Mona has unexpectedly gained the admiration of many.

Ndumiso Mona, who was hospitalized after being confronted by a rogue leopard that had fled from the Kruger National Park, faced a life-or-death situation.

Mona, who suffered numerous injuries from the attack but emerged supreme, had to use his bare hands to tussle with the wild cat.

According to the most quoted part of News 24’s version of the incident, Mona reflected by saying: “I stared death in the eyes, I was ready to punch like a boxer, I told myself one of us had to die”. His story went viral

Despite coming out on top in this leopard against human duel, Ndumiso Mona had to go to the hospital as a result of the incident.

He received medical treatment for injuries on his hands, body and face, according to reports

Social media users are eager to anoint Ndumiso Mona as the “genuine” Zulu King following this bizarre fight.

Here’s how one reacted to this bizarre incident.

Madala Christopher said: “ Samson did the same with a lion, only to be laid down by Delilah without her using any power”.

This is a developing story.More to come soon..


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