Man returns from Dubai to see home built by his family.


Man returns home from Dubai to see house built by family.

After working for years in Dubai, a man returns to Nigeria to see the home his family built for him while he was away and sending money back home (Video)

Man on his knees

An emotional scene occurs when a Nigerian living in Dubai returns home to see the home his family built for him with money he sent. [VIDEO]

An emotional video of a Nigerian man’s response to discovering the mansion his family had constructed for him with the money he had been paying them while working in the United Arab Emirates has been uploaded online.

A mansion

 A businessman from Nigeria who operates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, broke down in tears when he saw the lovely property his family had built for him while he was working himself into the ground to earn money.

After years of toiling away and sending money home from Dubai, the man finally saw the results of his labors.

A mansion

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Man witnessed his own funeral

In addition to being inspiring, a video posted on social media captured the moment the man fell to his knees to thank God for the accomplishment. This video dispelled misconceptions that those seeking better opportunities abroad may have about their family members and how they waste money given to them.

Watch the video below;

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