Farmer Cut off His Scrotum while asleep

Assin Akomfode Farmer accidentally Chop off scrutom physically while dreaming ..

The Central Region’s Assin Akomfode farmer who unintentionally chopped off his scrotum while dozing off is in critical condition.

Farmer Cut off His Scrotum: The farmer, Kofi Atta, claimed that he dreamed about cutting meat while he was asleep.

He was actually severing a portion of his male genitalia without realizing it.

The medical term for this condition is parasomnia. It is a type of sleep disturbance characterized by unique and unfavorable physical occurrences or experiences that keep you awake.

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Kofi Atta claimed in an interview with Samuel Alfred Amoh of Adom News that when he awoke from sleep, he discovered himself in a pool of blood.

The victim’s wife, Adwoa Konadu, said that her husband had engaged in other activities while dozing off before.
She claims that Kofi Atta frequently moves, converses, and occasionally fights while he is asleep.

The victim is currently being treated at St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu and has been transferred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH). According to Adom News, Kofi Atta has not yet received further medical attention because the victim’s family is unable to raise GH600 to pay for the fuel for an ambulance provided by the National Ambulance Service.

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Farmer Cut off His Scrotum at Assin Akomfode in the Central Region,



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