Father shoots family, ki||ing wife; daughter blames QAnon

Father shoots family, ki||ing wife; daughter blames QAnon

A Michigan father allegedly opened fire on his family, ki||ing his wife and wounding one of his kids, according to police.

According to Michigan police, a guy shot his wife and one of his daughters after opening fire on his family.

His second daughter claims that he was losing control before the shootings and that he put it down to QAnon

Rachell LanisRebecca Lanis, 21, claims that on Sunday morning, her grandma called to see if she was at the hospital. She considered it a weird question, at a friend’s sleepover, oblivious of the horror that had just occurred at her house.

But she quickly discovered that her father, 52-year-old Igor Lanis, had shot and ki||ed her mother, 56, and badly injured her sister that morning.

The sheriff’s department says Igor Lanis also ki||ed the family dog.

Rebecca Lanis Interview.

“It was like I was in a movie or

nightmare or something. How could this happen to me?” Rebecca Lanis said. “I had a really close bond with my mom, and I just can’t believe that she’s not here.”

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Igor Lanis allegedly opened fire on the cops when they arrived at the family’s Walled Lake house, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. The individual was ki||ed by gunfire exchanged between a Walled Lake police officer and an Oakland County deputy.

According to Rebecca Lanis, her father had never been physically violent, but after former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, his conduct began to deteriorate.

“He became a different person after 2020 when Trump lost,” she said.

She claims that her father became angrier over seemingly unrelated events and would frequently bring up conspiracy beliefs regarding vaccines, 5G, and electromagnetic fields. Like QAnon, a political conspiracy theory built on unfounded accusations that Trump was up against adversaries within a so-called “deep state” and a s3x-trafficking network overseen by Satan¡c cannibals he turned to radicalism.

Rebecca Lanis says the tragedy that befell her family should serve as a reminder to family members to watch out for those who might need assistance.

“I think that people need to focus more on radicalization, QAnon. If they have relatives with arms like this, you need to get them help, and they need to get checked into a mental institution, even if you think they’re not dangerous,” she said.

Following surgery, according to the sheriff’s office, Rachel Lanis is currently in a stable condition.

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