Ghanaian Man Jailed Wrongfully Released after 33 Years in Prison.

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Ghanaian Man was Jailed after being accused Wrongfully, he has been Released after 33 Years in Prison.

He sadly Weeps as He Recounts His Story in a Video.

A Ghanaian man jailed wrongfully who goes by the name Tetteh has been released from prison after spending 33 years in prison over a murder case..

Tetteh and one other person were falsely accused by the convict Tengey who named the two as his accomplices.

The 75-year-old was released after Tengey confessed that the two had nothing to do with the murder.

In a recent interview, Tetteh broke down in tears as he recounted the events leading to his incarceration and post-prison life.

After 33 years in jail, a Ghanaian man named Tetteh has been released after a killer falsely named him and one other person as his accomplices in a murder case.

The killer, Tengey, accused Tetteh of being his accomplice while people were beating him (Tengey) to name his accomplice before he will be spared.

Tengey also mentioned Gruma, another accomplice when the beatings did not stop.

Tetteh and Gruma, however, insisted that they were innocent of the crime.

Tetteh and Gruma were still sentenced to death with Tengey after police investigations.

Gruma, however, died out of shock after spending three months in prison.

In an interview with Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng of the Crime Check TV GH at the Ankafo Maximum Security Prison four years ago.

Tengey confessed that his accomplices knew nothing about the murder.Confessing to free the wrongfully convicted.

The convict sat in the interview with Tetteh who he falsely accused.

The went on saying he deliberately named the latter and the late Gruma with the hope that he will be spared the beatings as he pleaded with Tetteh to forgive him.

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Following the confession of Tengey, Tetteh has been set free from prison after spending 33 years in prison.

Tetteh recently sat for an interview with Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng to recount his story amid tears.

The ”repented” inmate opened up about his past sinful deeds in an interview with Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng of Crime Check TV GH

Watch the video below:

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