Bride wig fall off when groom kissed her..

Groom kissing bride goes viral.

It’s believed that laughter relieves tension and feeds the soul.

When the groom was asked to kiss his lovely bride, he chose to go the extra mile on us.

The video of his actions quickly went viral.


The decision to make weddings look magnificent has led to couples doing extraordinary things leaving folks fascinated.

You must watch the video and pay attention to how he magnificently kissed his bride, as amusing as it may sound.

The exchange of vows at the altar and the gathering of family and friends to celebrate is regarded to be the two main components of a wedding.

This video has got much talking.
“He’s been waiting to taste the forbidden fruit”, “Chairman can’t wait till the ceremony is over” and other funny comments popped up.


As everyone screamed and applauded for the happy couple, the handsome groom is claimed to have pushed the bride to the ground and passionately kissed her before helping her up, leaving her wig on the floor.

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The bride looked surprised and delighted at the same time.
Others commented that the bride didn’t need the wig and looked more beautiful without it.

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