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Fuego-(Fire) Synopsis 

in the rain.

Love is when one person knows all your secrets.
Your deepest, darkest, and most horrifying secrets of which no one in the world knows, and yet that one person doesn’t think any less of you.

Renesmee Gilbert is a killing machine, a spy, soldier. She’s more known to be the storm on a Sunny day.

After years of being trained to be known as the fierce Fuego-(fire), a soldier and a secret agent in the US military every wise terrorist would fear, hell burnt she seeks revenge on the man who ruined her family.

But when she meets the Salvatore family on her subsequent mission, she couldn’t help but feel a strong connection to them.

Nevertheless, what transpires when she falls in love with the two brothers, Matt and Steven?

Will she be able to control her emotions and focus solely on her mission, or will she opt to take the path fate has planned for her?

Will she be able to put their turbulent past behind her and protect them from a new enemy named Lucifer

Or will she seek vengeance after discovering a disturbing truth?

Love begins to unravel in the heart of a Mexican city.

Themes of vengeance, love, survival, action-romance and secrets are included in this story.

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