We all can agree that women do have specific qualities they want to see in men. Whether it’s someone you just met or your partner.
Women tend to desire a man who is physically good or average looking, well- groomed and sometimes even wealthy.

In most research guys are said to be blessed with strong masculinity that tend to catch the attention of most ladies leaving them utterly speechless. Men are said to be motivated,sophisticated and tough.
Let’s take a look at some of the qualities in men women find attractive.

1. Sense of style: The way a guy walks, choice of clothing and shoes are the first thing a woman notices at first glance.
It being a regular meeting or date counts.
A nice clean shave to give you that masculinity/ matured appearance. If you’re growing a beard then keep it neatly groomed and healthy.
A good or average looking guy with great taste in dressing is the ultimate win win to begin with.
Oh yeah, if you’re one of these men you already know what I’m talking about.

2.Smile: It’s easy to admit that men with a killer smile tend to melt our hearts everytime we catch a glimpse of that flawless smile.
A clean white teeth is said to do the trick.
Visit the dentist to have that white snow looking teeth. Aside from that, it boost your confidence when approaching anyone.

3.Sense of humour: No woman loves to be around a boring humourless guy 24|7.
Women love humour once in a while too. Make them laugh their hearts out till you can see the glow of life in their eyes.
Reconnect in a special way and you’d notice she’d be drawn to you like a magnet.

4.Confidence : Guys please don’t confuse this with arrogance. It’s a big turn off to any woman.
Women find it exciting being around a guy who loves what he does and feels great about it. Don’t only talk about your life and great accomplishments the whole time whether on a date or regular meeting.
Too much bragging about an expensive apartment you bought some few weeks ago, latest cars you’re driving will turn a woman off instantly.
You need sit back and chillax and give the woman a floor to also talk about her life too.

5.Kindness and Apathy– Men please treat your women like queens. Make them feel proud to be around you always.
Open doors and draw seats for them whether it’s at public places or private.
It shows a sign of ultimate respect and makes them feel special.
Take them out once in a while, shower them with gifts you can afford. You don’t necessarily have to break your bank just to get them expensive gifts and be there to support them emotionally as well..
But take note;some women are naturally independent.

6.Good listening skills : oh la la laa
Isn’t this also one of the interesting parts?
A guy that’s capable of sacrificing a little bit of his time to listen to any problem or worries his woman is facing.
It means so much to women even if you take just 5 mins of your time just to make her feel she’s not in this alone.

7.Smell Good: Men with bad odour is a big turn off. The moment women approach they tend to scrunch up their faces and turn to walk away.
Take your bath regularly, wear neat cloths,use nice and refreshing fragrances or colognes to make you feel and smell good..
It proves you’re self conscious about your personal hygiene and health. Remember a nice smelling cologne takes women to a world of euphoria. Lastly it makes you feel extraordinary.

Personally I’m well acquainted with the smell of my partner even with my eyes closed and trust me it smells heavenly..

NEXT Post will entail things men find attractive in women.
Stay tuned

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