How Pregnancy Humbled Her vs One Month After


One month after giving birth, a woman from Nigeria posted photos of her incredible metamorphosis on social media.

Pregnant woman

The young woman displayed her appearance during her third trimester in a viral video, and she was undoubtedly humbled by the pregnancy.

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She later released a video of herself one month after giving birth, and she looked much better because the swelling in her face had subsided.

She continued by advising moms not to be discouraged by their physical look during pregnancy since, although it might take some time, they will reclaim their body and face after giving birth.

She was heard saying in the video.

“My people na me be this when I get belle for 9 months. I be like wetin I no know. And also na me still be this. I don dey fine dey go. If you get belle and them dey tease you, leave them.”

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