Husband sets pregnant wife on fire

Woman hospitalized due to fire burns




In Lebanon, an angry husband lit a pregnant wife, 21, on fire with a gas canister “because she refused to undergo an abortion,” leaving her struggling for her life with complete body burns.

Hana Mohammed Khodor, 21, was set ablaze with a gas canister by her husband, who then transported her to a hospital in Tripoli where she is currently in critical condition.

Lebanon woman

According to a doctor, the mother’s odds of survival are “extremely grim” and they had to operate to remove the dead fetus.

This happened when his young, pregnant wife allegedly told him she wanted to keep their unborn child—due to be born in December—he allegedly beat her severely before the horrifying attack even began.

The pair apparently had a difficult background in the country’s north, which led to the argument that the child would be a financial burden on the family.

Khodor was admitted on August 6 with “100 percent body burns,” according to a doctor from Al-Salam Hospital who spoke to Arab News.

When the incident occurred, Hana was five months pregnant. We had to operate on her to remove the fetus when the infant passed away. Her prospects for survival are quite slim.

She is currently fighting for her life, the doctor declared. In the intensive care unit, she is in critical condition

Despite her doctors’ gracious offers to forego their fees, the poor Khodor family still has $400 in daily expenses to pay for, not including treatments, operations, and reconstructive surgery due to a third-degree fire burn.


According to Al-Salam Hospital’s medical report, if she survives, she will need three months of further treatment.

Family friend Abdul Rahman Haddad said that her situation is ‘too delicate and serious,’ and her hospital bill is already in the thousands of dollars.


‘She needs 15 blood platelets (transfusions) daily, and each costs $100, aside from the daily costs of the hospital bed, medical equipment, and ICU treatment.

Her family is extremely poor, and she is a young woman … they need any form of medical assistance,’ said Haddad.


She would require additional care for three months if she lives, according to the medical report from Al-Salam Hospital.

Her situation is “extremely sensitive and critical,” according to family friend Abdul Rahman Haddad, and her medical cost is already several thousand dollars.

The husband, who intended to leave the country, was detained by Lebanese Internal Security Forces, according to Haddad.

According to an aunt who spoke to local news, the husband attempted to physically beat Khodor into getting the abortion, but when he failed, he brought her home and burned her on fire.

The father begged for donations from the general public to help pay for the medical care required to preserve his daughter’s life.

According to reports, Hana is holding on by a thread thanks to life support and has third-degree burns all over her body.
Khodor has had many operations every day since being taken to the hospital, according to doctor Gabriel Al-Sabe’e.


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She is resuscitated every day while she is on life support. Because of the intensity and the size of the burned places on her body, her situation is really grave,’ he continued.


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