I love my wife and boyfriend; Who do I choose? – Man on Confessions with Ms Nancy

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As Ms. Nancy opens up about her double life, a perplexed man asks for assistance from her and the audience. Mr. Anoynymous has been happily married for six years, but for for as long, he has been sleeping with his male friend.

“I have been married for six years. But I have feelings for the other gender. I have a friend. He’s my best friend. He usually comes to my home, and we do everything together. I have been having an affair with him as well,” he confessed.

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He is now unsure of who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately, his male lover is sick of keeping their connection a secret and wants him to dedicate himself to it full-time. How would he handle his wife, though?

He told Ms Nancy, “We (My friend and I ) have been planning to get married and move in together as a family. I want to move from my marital home to be with him so that we spend our life together.

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“I love my wife. I make love to her and my boyfriend. I love my wife, but I’m confused about who to choose. I’ve been thinking about leaving my wife for my boyfriend because I have strong feelings for him.”

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