Is That a Casket”? Portable Tattoos Face.

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“Is That a Casket”? Singer Portable Tattoos Face.

In this modern world we live in, celebrities tends to create new trends that makes them look unique but one singer got the internet going viral after posting a video of him going through a painful tattoo as he endured the pain.

Habeeb Okikiola ,born March 12, 1994 is the most recent face to emerge from Nigeria’s indigenous rap scene. Portable Omolalomi is the industry moniker for the Yoruba-born rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Portable, who has been making music for a while, recently struck gold when he collaborated with Poco Lee and Olamide on the hit single, Zazuu Zeh.

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Portable face tattoo
Photo: Singer ‘Portable’ tattoos face

Fans have had one of the shock of their lives as ‘Portable’ Gets Tattoo on Face. 

The singer wrote ‘Ika of Africa’ on Forehead.

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The Nigerian singer [Portable] spent money traveling outside of the nation to get fresh tattoos.
Portable was shown in a video on his page going through a painful tattoo process.

Singer Portable
Photo:Singer ‘Portable’ tattoos face as he endures pain

On the side of his face, the singer now has what appears to be a casket, and an inscription has been scrawled in large letters over his forehead.

Controversial Online discussion has been stirred by the new tattoos that Nigerian singer Portable recently got.

The Zazu singer posted a video of the tattooing procedure and the body region he choose to tattoo.

Video of Portable getting tattoo done.

Portable was seen enduring the pain as the tattoo artist went about his work uninterrupted.

According to the video, the Zazu crooner now has a tattoo of what appears to be a casket on one side of his face and the inscription Ika of Africa on his forehead.

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