Jakie Appiah uses fork to eat Ga kenkey leaving manager in shock.

Jackie Appiah’s manager is shocked by a video showing her eating Ga kenkey with a fork.

After picking up a fork and using it to devour her plate of Ga kenkey, renowned Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah left her manager Samira Yakubu stunned.

The two made the trip to the vicinity of Ada Foah for Sidiku Buari Samera’s wedding. Sidiku is the younger sister of fellow Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

For the weekend, they stayed at Aqua Safari Resort to relax before they continued on their journey home.

She could be seen having fun at the resort and delighting in the gorgeous view in a video that was discovered on Jackie Appiah’s Snapchat account.

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One video, nevertheless, caught my attention since Jackie Appiah had chosen to use a fork to eat her Ga kenkey dish while they were having lunch.

In Ghana, eating is done with the hands. Samira experienced a cultural shock when Jackie used a fork in the video.


In the video, she said: “See this girl, she is eating kenkey with fork. How? And look at me, using my hand. These Canadians they will kill me shy. Na waa ooo.”

Samira jokingly remarked that she had never saw anyone eating Ga kenkey with a fork and that she would use her hand to properly savor her meal. She implied that Jackie’s citizenship as a Canadian contributed to her desire to utilize utensils when consuming the local delicacy.

Perhaps she didn’t want to bother with having to wash her hands after meal


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