Julia Vins “The Muscle Barbie”

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Meet Juia Vins the “Muscle Barbie”

Weightlifter Julia Vins, sometimes known as “Muscle Barbie,” began bodybuilding when she was barely 15 years old.

Julia Vins

She started attending to the gym in order to increase her fitness level and gain more self-assurance in her life.

The coach first saw her strength at that time and decided she could become a weightlifter.

Julia Vins

On May 21, 1996, Julia Vins was born in Engels, Russia and lived with her family.

The reason for Julia’s parents’ divorce was the fact that her father had a drinking problem. She was under a great deal of mental stress as a result.

Julia Vins

About Julia Vins
It was Julia’s lifelong goal to attend law school, and she devoted a great deal of time to her studies.

Additionally, she claimed that she used to manage her gym time in the considerable free time she had while in school.

She committed to her work outs despite the struggles.

Julia Vins

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According to Julia, the area where she was staying was not particularly fitness-oriented, so she had to take a bus for an hour to get to the gym.

Even though she was the only female in the entire gym, she was determined to achieve her goal.

Julia Vins

Julia received the title of World Champion due to willpower and dedication.
She won several Junior Powerlifting competition awards throughout Russia.

Julia is now a two-time World Champion at a World Powerlifting Congress and is known for breaking numerous competition records.

Julia Vins

She is capable of heavy weightlifting.
Julia, who is 65 kg, holds personal records for the 175 kg bench press, the 275 kg squat, and the 205 kg deadlift and is still on going.

Julia’s exercise routine and nutrition
Julia works out four to five times a week and eats a diet that is stringent and healthy, with eggs, vegetables, fish, beans, oats, rice, and buckwheat pasta serving as her staples.

Julia Vins

She claims that compliments on her physical appearance are to be anticipated in a society where women are still seen as being exclusively suited to domestic duties like cleaning, cooking, and childrearing.

Julia Vins

However, she maintains her motivation and disregards everything that may hinder her progress.

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