Just In:Kasoa-Galilea Residents In Shock As Man Electrifies Himself.

Rose McQueens
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On Friday October 14, residents of Kasoa- Galilea witnessed a young man climb a high tension.
According to reports, the individual is from Kaneshie.

The unidentified man was reportedly shouting to neighboring residents that he wanted to take his life.

“He came around screaming that he intends on killing himself”, a resident said.

“We sat him down and offered him water to drink. He claimed he had committed a crime he was unable to confess and was tired of life and the economy.
He confessed on wanting to end his life”.

“He instantly climbed up the high tension as we shouted on top of our lungs for him to lower himself but it fell on deaf ears” an eye witness said.

As fear and terror spread across the neighborhood, residents called the police.

Residents were heard yelling and pleading for him to descend.
He bent to give a last prayer before doing the unthinkable.

Also in the video, a vehicle of the Ghana Police Service could be seen creating the impression that the Police Officers were on the scene to help the man.

After attempting to walk on the wires there was a loud explosion as he was electrified.

A sizable crowd gathered as they watch his lifeless body on the ground.

His reasons for committing suicide is still unknown as investigations are being carried out at the moment.

Ghana Police Service has not yet commented on the incident yet as they are currently seen looking into the incident.

Video of the Man Electrified

Another View When He Was Falling

Stay tuned for more updates.

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