Kidi walks off stage during performance at UCC over poor sound system

Musician Kidi is currently trending on Twitter for abandoning a performance due to a malfunctioned microphone.

The Artiste was due to perform on Saturday night as part of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) SRC week activities at the Casford field.

However, upon mounting the stage and with students cheering him on while excitingly waiting for his performance, the microphone malfunctioned.

In a viral video on Twitter, Kidi could be seen testing the microphone several times but the feedback and sound echoes from the microphone were poor which made it impossible for the musician to perform

He eventually left the stage without performing.
This has got many Twitter users lambasting UCC SRC for such a disappointing and embarrassing display.

Kidi, however, defied all odds and finally performed with an intermittent faulty sound system.

A comment from Facebook user suggested in his comment

“i have seen great musicians still find a way to entertain the crowd when they have a problem with the sound.

most of his songs are well known he could have started singing without the microphone and the crowd will sing along with him and even love him more.

it takes a few minutes to create an everlasting good impression.”

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