Man witnessed his own funeral

A fascinating story of a man who witnessed his own ‘funeral’.

Old Man

Man digs own grave, buys casket and drinks for guests ahead of his funeral leaving town folks in confusion.

It is a natural phenomenon to prepare ahead of celebrations; be it weddings, birthdays, graduations etc.

But one of the most important events of mankind, which is a funeral is never planned for.

However, a Busia man is set to defy this status quo by making an elaborate preparation for his funeral in a small community in Kenya.

A man prepares for his funeralal by digging his own grave and purchasing a casket and refreshments for the attendees.

It is common practice to make preparations in advance of special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and graduations.

Yet one of life’s most significant events—funerals—is never prepared for.

A Busia man, however, plans to challenge this norm by organizing a lavish burial in a small Kenyan community.

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The 87-year-old Aloise Otieng’ Ng’ombe is continuing his preparations by investing in a coffin that cost Ksh58,000 (GHS 3,900).

He did this because he thought his death day was approaching more quickly than ever.

Aloise revealed in an interview with Afrimax TV that he had prepared his own burial, purchased drinks, and paid for all services prior to his funeral.

Most recently, he paid professional mourners to weep nonstop for hours during his funeral.

Despite being a civilian, he has also employed a soldier to salute him.

Aloise believes that participating in the planning of his funeral is equivalent to watching his own funeral because everyone involved practices at least twice a month.

Since he will be resting and is well aware that his funeral will be organized and the largest ever recorded in his community.

He claims he is not afraid of death or its aftereffects.

The father of 18 children said that the idea of the play is to promote the importance of loving someone while they are still alive.


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