Mangoase:Assembly allegedly Demolished Bridge constructed by a ‘Good Samaritan ‘

Agona Swedru’s Assemblyman is alleged to have destroyed a bridge built by a “Good Samaritan” for the use of the residents of Mangoase.

According to sources, the assemblyman for the region ordered the demolition of a concrete bridge that had been built to replace a wooden one on the grounds that the individual who funded the building had failed to obtain a permit from the local assembly.

“A young man wanted to build a bridge with his own money so that the community would have simple access and could even drive on it, not for himself.Instead of praising this young man for his excellent work, it would be more appropriate to point out that the assemblyman of Mangoase, Agona Swedru, better known by his stage name Pop, demolished the bridge because they (the assembly) didn’t ask my friend Michael Power to do it and because the assembly had plans to build the bridge,but rather than congratulating this young man for a job well done, they destroyed it. He had invested thousands of Ghana cedis in the bridge, but they destroyed it. What type of mindset is this—one of envy, stupidity, senselessness, and jealousy? Nana Cyruz Aboagye, a Facebook member, shared in a Facebook post.

However, it is unknown whether the individual who provided the funding for the construction actually neglected to request the assembly’s consent before to beginning work.
People responding to the news on social media, however, think that it was needless to have the new bridge removed.

“A portion of it. But before making any comments, I’d love to hear both points of view. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t have ended this way in any case!
“Additionally, Benjamin Ofori stated It’s true that he had to visit the meeting with a good design and apply for a permit, but it didn’t ask for the building to be demolished immediately. It might only last until the right one is finished.
I anticipate that it will take longer than a year to complete and that wooden slabs, which are riskier than concrete, will once more be employed.”


Watch photos below:

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