Murder: She Was Killed By Her Best Friend on their ladies night out.

Murder: She Was Killed By Her Best Friend on their ladies night out.

Thulisile, a woman from Bulawayo’s Old Magwegwe neighborhood was found dead in her brother’s car after being last seen alive on Saturday after going out with friends.

Thulisile Dube, who had previously resided in South Africa, surprised her family on Thursday by flying all the way to Bulawayo to visit them. One of her brothers accompanied her.

Women at club
The victim and her friend


She purchased a house in Bulawayo’s Pelandaba West because she was doing fairly well for herself at the time.

Her family describes her as a strong, independent woman who put in a lot of effort, so the news that her best friend, whom she supported, planned her demise shocked and devastated them.

She went out on Saturday night with her friend and was last seen dancing in a black dress and spectacles a few hours before she was killed.

On Sunday morning, her body was discovered.

The person the police suspect is responsible for the crime, along with her boyfriend, was her acquaintance, and they were searching for her.

One of the suspects, Farai Michael Mutasa, 28, of New Magwegwe, hanged himself as confirmed by the police yesterday.

Her body was discovered in Bulawayo’s Inxhwala premises, which are situated between Masotsha Avenue and Northend.


This is the voice of the murderer, Farai Michael Mutasa, narrating his spine-chilling audio confession of killing Thulisile Dube in a dreadful and vicious manner.

He was speaking to his sister on the phone just before the despicable coward killed himself by hanging himself in Northend, Bulawayo.

Woman in pink
The victims friend

His partner Musa has left the area and is being wanted by the police.

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It is clear from the murderer’s audio recording that Thulisile’s friend, Musa was responsible for her death.

She had obviously planned the murder beforehand, and it’s probably that she did so with the intention of robbing the victim.

When Thulisile arrived, she did what she always did.

She took her female friends out on “ladies out night” and spent the entire evening buying them drinks.

Unexpectedly, Thulisile’s friend Musa then extended an invitation to Farai to join them.

Early on Sunday morning, they set off on their return trip. Farai and Musa drove with Mambazo after picking up one of the friends.

He wasn’t aware of what was happening and finally decided to have her killed.

Thulisile was well known because of hardworking and kind spirit and was the bread winner of the family.

They put her to death in an agonizingly horrible way, then dumped her dead body among some bushes at Emganwini.

They were travelling in her brother’s automobile, which she was driving at the time, and they had forgotten about it.

The family of Thulisile are in shocked, excruciating pain.

They are unable to understand why Musa, who was close to Thulisile,would betray and murder her cold blooded.

Thulisile will be laid to rest early on Saturday morning at Bulawayo’s Umvutsha Cemetery.



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