Mysterious:Woman who gave birth to a goat.

Woman who gave birth to a goat

Mysteriously, a woman gave birth to a goat.

There are certain stories that can keep one wondering how it’s possible. As shocking and strange as it seems, it a true life story.

These stories can keep replaying in our heads as to how possible weird stuffs happens around the world. How’s this even possible??

This is an interesting part of most of the stories I’ve read so far.

The woman who gave birth to a goat.
None of it’s part was human. I mean it was completely goats parts from head to toe.

A woman and her children

According to the woman, she doesn’t believe in either magic nor witchcraft but it sounds like she has no other choice than to do so with this mysterious occurrence.

Well, my family lived through this. Since I was born, it was my first time witnessing that situation with my own eyes.

I heard that there was a woman who gave birth to a pig but I’m not sure if it’s real” she started.

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The journalist for Afrimax claims that despite having seen many stories throughout his more than 30 years of travel, none have ever frightened him as much as the one of Alfonsina, the lady who gave birth to a goat despite never having slept with one.

Immediately after delivery, the mother said, she remembered that the goat was still alive.

When it saw her face, it attempted to stand up but was unsuccessful. About 30 minutes later, it died.

his tragic episode, according to the journalist, took place in the Congo in a community called Cabo Buka in the territory of Katana, which is situated in the southern region of the nation. Alfonsina Juana Buhanda is the name of the 28-year-old lady who gave birth to a goat.

Since the doctor who spoke with Afrimax has been a doctor for many years and has never encountered a situation like this, he stated that the birth of the goat is a big miracle. Alfonsina Juana Buhanda gave birth to her six children without incident or difficulty. And she gave birth to a goat during her seventh pregnancy. What led a married woman to give birth mysteriously to a goat?

It can’t be possibly said she had an affair with a goat or was she simply bewitched? 


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