Nursing student threatens to murder patients

Nursing student says her parents pushed her, threatening to murder patients.

 A young Ghanaian woman who claims to be a nursing student who will soon begin working as a nurse has vowed to kill patients on a video on tiktok purposely since her parents forced her into the field.

A chilling video posted by Metro TV on its Facebook page depicts the green uniformed woman with the light blue hijab telling potential patients to mark her and run for their lives whenever they see her at any hospital they visit.

“My family suggested that I study nursing. Even though I don’t want to be a nurse! The supposed nursing student reportedly added in a local dialect, which was interpreted by the narrator, “I will start working soon, therefore every patient who comes to meet me should run away or I kill them.”

The video has caused terror among Ghanaians and inspired a variety of responses, with many calling for her identity and arrest while others speculate that she may have created the video only for amusement and attention-seeking

The threat from the lady has rekindled discussions on the need to protect people’s right to pick their careers without being coerced into occupations they do not want to engage in.

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 she failed to disclose is the profession she had wanted to pursue before her parents compelled her to ditch it and go into nursing against her will

She skipped to mention the profession she had intended to pursue before her parents forced her to abandon it and enter the nursing field against her choice.

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