Piesie Esther: i dont mind collaborating with Shatta Wale.

To win more souls for God, I wouldn’t mind working with Shatta wale, says Piesie Esther.

Piesie Esther, a gospel performer from Ghana, one of the best to be precise has stated that she is not against working with Shatta Wale in order to spread the gospel.

In response to a question on why she would want to work with Shatta Wale, the musician remarked that the artist’s followers are fascinating people who would make it thrilling to work with Shatta Wale and preach the gospel.

The main focus is on Christ, not the secular songs Shatta Wale sings, therefore Piesie Esther stated in an interview with Kastle FM host Amansan Krakye that she does not mind.

In her statements…“The main objective of our work is to win souls for Christ and if I don’t sing secular songs but I invite Shatta Wale that we should sing about the gospel of God I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she told Amansan Krakye.

“I have realized that Shatta Wale has a lot of followers and if I’m able to stand on his platform to talk about the word of God for many people to hear.

There’s nothing sinful about it,” she added on Cape Coast’s Kastle FM.

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She explained “Because if Shatta Wale didn’t convince me to do secular music but I have rather done a gospel song with him to praise God then I strongly believe that it will be very exciting.

“Because even if one person accepts Christ and changes from their bad ways of doing things, there’s a lot of joy and excitement among the angels in heaven,” Piesie Esther ended on the Kastle Drive Show.


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