Russia Attacks Kyiv with 28 Drones Inciting Fear.

On Monday, dozens of Russian-delivered weaponized drones burned buildings on fire, killed at least four people, and drove civilians running for cover as explosions shook Kyiv.

According to Klitschko, one residential building alone reported four deaths.

He claimed that the drones were Shaheds, which Russia had rebranded as Geran-2 drones, and were made in Iran.

On Monday, Nasser Kanaani, a spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, refuted claims that Iran had given Russia drones.

The drone attacks were the most recent on Kyiv, where Russian strikes have risen. According to officials, five more people perished in a strike in the northern Sumy region.

First, there was a buzzing noise. Then came the deadly explosions.

During the morning rush hour in the city, Russia launched an attack on the capital of Ukraine using drones built in Iran that detonate upon impact.

The drones buzzed over the city, noisy and slowly soaring, oddly proclaiming their presence with a hum that sounded like a moped. Before seven in the morning, while people in Kyiv were getting ready for work and kids were just waking up, the first explosions could be heard.

By the time the assault was ended, at least four people had died in a capital that was at once in defiant and buffeted by fear.

Assaults on Kyiv last week and at the beginning of the war came as a bolt from the blue, with missiles racing in at incredible speeds. The drone strike on Monday was distinct because locals were aware of the drones flying overhead and looking for their targets.

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The attacks brought attention to Russia’s expanding use of drones produced in Iran that explode upon hit and are simpler to shoot down, according to Western observers, since Moscow’s supplies of precision missiles are running limited. Iran has publicly denied giving Russia drones for use in Ukraine, but according to American sources, the first shipment of these weaponry was delivered in August.

Russia drone attack
Buildings destroyed by Drone blast(Getty Images).

In the heart of Kyiv, drones buzzed low over office buildings and residential buildings, visible from the streets below and adding to the dread. Riflemen stationed at checkpoints and various locations throughout the city started firing.

According to Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, a young couple retrieved from the wreckage of a residential structure, including a woman who was six months pregnant, were among the victims.

After sunset, air raid sirens once more wailed in Kyiv and surrounding areas, according to Ukrainian officials, who claimed that air defense systems were once more focusing on Russian drones. In a late-night update, the Ukrainian Armed Forces air command reported shooting down eight drones and two missiles.

Just over a week after Kyiv came under constant Russian missile attack, the strikes on Monday were the latest to threaten the capital.

On Monday morning, Yulia Oleksandrivna, 86, and her young grandson huddled in a basement. She claimed that the term “angry” was inadequate to capture how she was feeling. She was a retired professor who had survived World War II after leaving her natal country of Russia with her family at the age of five and a half.

“The sound of the sirens that we have these days, I know this sound from my childhood,” she said. “At the start and at the end of my life, this is the music of my life.”

At least two more blasts hit at about 8:15 a.m. Thick white smoke blanketed parts of central Kyiv along with an acrid burning smell. The city stayed under an air raid alert for nearly three hours.

“I was smoking on my balcony, and one flew by,” said Vladislav Khokhlov, a cosmetologist who lives in a 13th-floor apartment. He said he saw what looked like a small metallic triangle buzz past not much higher than the rooftops, sounding like a chain saw.

One explosion hit a residential building. Shortly after emergency workers recovered a body from the rubble, the mayor of Kyiv stood before the damaged four-story block.

“This is the true face of this war,” Mr. Klitschko said.

The body of a woman lay just steps away in a half-unzipped black body bag. An investigator held her thin wrist, covered in dirt and debris, and then folded her arms across her body.

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