Sad!,A Bride Found Dead A week After Marriage.

Sadly Muniratu Moro,the beautiful bride was discovered dead, her neck and thigh sliced, one week after her wedding.

Just one week after she wed her husband, a 32-year-old woman was discovered dead in her home.

According to reports, Muniratu Moro, a second wife who was found dead in a pool of blood in her marital house with injuries to her throat and thigh, was discovered there.

The relatives of Munira Moro stated in a Joynews interview that they believe she was murdered.

His brother, who believed it to be manslaughter, claimed the family would fight any attempts to bury her right away as per Muslim tradition.

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“I had a call around 9PM that my sister has been stabbed, so I thought I was going to see the body with a small cut but when I got there, it was a different thing all together.

“She was killed in her room and then dragged into her rival’s room, the way she died was not natural and we need to know how she was murdered,” brother of the deceased, Mohammed Samba said.

“…for you to live in the house like that even if you beat your, son, in your room your neighbour will hear it, for someone to be killed in that manner and dragged into a different room and nobody is telling us anything and you want us to bury her immediately after she died?

According to reports, Muniratu’s family has refused to let the husband’s family to bury her because they want the authorities to perform an autopsy test first.

Another family member said, “she was slaughtered like an animal, we can let it go”

Meanwhile, police have arrested the first wife and husband of Muniratu and they are currently in police custody assisting with the police investigations.

Such injustice needs to be of major concern. 


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