Shock, Out of Fear Man Tattoo Forehead

Man tattoo forehead because he was fed up of living in fear.

Man Gets Huge Eye Tattooed On Forehead Because He Was Fed Up Of Living In Fear.

A bloke has left TikTok viewers stunned after getting an eye tattooed on his forehead because he was “so fed up of living in fear”.

Tattoo forehead

The bloke who posts under the username @rootcausepsychology, often posts about his belief in spirituality and has declared to have found a shortcut to feeling better.

In his video, which has gained more than 69,500 likes, the bloke explained how getting the forehead ink made him feel enlightened.

He explained: “You get a tattoo on your forehead — you’re enlightened.

The great mystics and spiritual teachers have not told you this hack, but I’m going to tell you.

This is because I want everybody to be enlightened, and get a forehead tattoo.

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“You may be wondering why I got an eye tattooed on my forehead and it’s because of this thing I’ve been doing called living suicid@lly.

“I got so fed up of living in fear, insecure, anxious self-conscious all the time — all that has just pent up into like suicid@l rage.

“Every day has been quite a pain to exist in. So, I just decided to give no f**ks and live as if I’m going to die.

Then at least I’ll have some enjoyment in my life.

“My inner child desired to look like the coolest motherf****r in the world. I got a third eye now.”

He went on to say he wanted to get a $50,000 (£42k) loan to take people out on shopping sprees and teach people about spirituality — which made people concerned for him in the comments.


One user said: “Please don’t get that loan.”

Another wrote: “Bro skipped all the steps and went straight to enlightenment.”

A third commented: “The unblinking stare is a sign of dissociation. You’re not yourself man, take care of yourself and be safe.”

“Please I hope you’re ok, please don’t spend your money or get a loan.

You may regret it in the future as you won’t have any funds for yourself,” a fourth added.

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