Soldiers Allegedly Shoot Nursing Mother Dead at Bawku.

A 42-year-old lactating mother named Mariama Dauda was among those killed in a recent ethnic dispute at Bawku in the Upper East Region.

According to reports, the dead was shot on Wednesday morning inside her home in Sabongari.

The overall number of fatalities since Sunday, December 18, 2022, now stands at eight.

In an interview with Adom News, Yakubu Dauda, the deceased woman’s husband, said he heard gunshots and ran to find out what had happened.

However, he asserted that the troops had forewarned him not to emerge lest he too be shot to death.

The shocked husband claimed that the soldiers’ justification for their actions was that they believed the woman to be armed.

“I heard the gunshot at my doorstep immediately after my wife opened the door and shouted to find out what happened but I was warned by the soldiers in uniform not to attempt to come out or I will be shot dead too.

“But when I asked them why they opened gunfire inside my house, they said they thought my wife was holding a gun and so they shot her dead,” the heartbroken husband narrated.

The husband added the soldiers picked up the bullet shells and fled the scene after allegedly committing the heinous crime.

“They moved off but quickly came back and picked up all the bullets and drove away. My wife was fixed on the floor in a pool of blood when I came out after the soldiers had left the house.

“My worry is that there were no gunfire exchanges between factions in the area and besides, we were in the rooms just that, my wife was to visit the washroom and met her untimely death,” he lamented.

The body of the deceased has been taken to the Quality Medical Centre mortuary.

The Assembly member for the area, Saani Yelkambe, said he received the report from the community members.


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