Strange reasons why makeup can be made illegal.

Since Ancient Egypt, when it was considered a show of affluence and it was thought that a certain look was more alluring to the gods, people have worn makeup.

Nowadays, many wear it to show off their personality or inventiveness, to boost their confidence, or just because it’s the norm in society.

No matter if people wear makeup to express themselves or because beauty standards require it, it is usually condemned for the illusion it produces, making a person seem better, especially if the difference is noticeable.

It is a personal choice and shouldn’t be taken personally. lots of men and women use makeup on a daily basis, and society has grown to be very judgemental and notice when some people choose to not wear makeup. yes, some makeup can be harmful to the skin but not enough to be banned. there are far more dangerous things to the body other than make up.

Too much of makeup on daily basis can be negative as well.

Research shows make-up can cause

  1. Eye Infection
  2. Skin Allergies
  3. Acne
  4. Aging and wrinkles

At the end of the day, do things that make you feel great and confident about yourself. Remember You Only Live Once (YOLO).

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Check out these pictures of influencers that proves how make up can change an appearance.

Before & After
Make up Before & After


Power of make up

Why makeup can be made illegal.
Watch how women transformed from ugly duckling to Queens

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  1. […] Meanwhile, the Regional Health Directorate has outlined a raft of measures to deal with the situation. Sachet and bottled water to be increased. […]

  2. Ankrah Prince says

    Just like the saying go too much of a thing is bad, I think it should not become a habit

  3. […] Also Read:Strange reasons why makeup can be made illegal. […]

  4. Manuel Mends says

    Hmmmm living of the century 🤭why all these makeup let your natural face show

  5. Anonymous says

    Women will kill us ooo. Just be natural
    No wonder an elderly once said, if u want to marry a woman go to her house early morning before she wakes from bed to see her real beauty.

    1. Anonymous says

      True oo 😂

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