Taylor Swift leaves fans speechless after diving headfirst into stage gap.

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Taylor Swift left fans speechless after diving headfirst into a gap in the stage during the opening concert of her new tour.

Taylor Swift kicked off her ‘Eras’ tour with a 44-song set, which lasted over three hours.
She took the stage dive to the next level.

Taylor Swift kicked off her much-awaited Eras Tour with a splash after seemingly diving headfirst into the stage during the opening concerts in Arizona.

A video of the apparent physics-defying stunt currently boasts millions of views on Twitter and TikTok with many viewers praising her Michael Phelps-like form.

“Where’s that gold medal?” one awe-struck fan captioned a video of the stunt, which the 12-time Grammy Winner performed on Friday and Saturday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The clip starts innocuously enough with the 33-year-old You Belong With Me singer strolling along the stage in an elaborate green dress towards at the end of her show.

Then, all of a sudden, Swift dives headfirst into a hole in the stage like Greg Louganis as a splash effect sounds and Swifties erupt into rapturous cheers.

And that was just the first part of the spectacle.

After the pop singer makes the plunge, a prerecorded video of Swift swimming projects onto the catwalk, before the real singer “resurfaces” in a purple coat to sing “Lavender Haze” from her “Midnights” album.

The dramatic exit made a splash among viewers with one awe-struck Twitter gawker exclaiming, “EXCUSE ME TAYLOR SWIFT JUST DID A DIVE HEAD FIRST INTO THE STAGE WHAT.”

Woman diving on stage
Taylor Swift diving on stage on Eras Tour

“The dive was the craziest thing ive ever seen I was so caught off guard LMAO,” gushed another.

“Aside from being a 12-time grammy winner, a doctor, a director, one of the most acclaimed songwriter of the music industry, and having a record breaking career in the arts, taylor swift is now searching for that swimming Olympic medal, look at that dive,” quipped one Twitter wit.

One TikTok comic joked that it was the “Eras Tour (Michael Phelps’ Version).”

Others feared for Swift’s safety with one concerned viewer fretting, “This gives me anxiety bc what is she misses bye bye tour.”

Many wondered how the Bad Blood singer managed to pull off the stunt.

“I need to see what exactly she’s diving into. Like in my mind it’s a bunch of packing peanuts,” hypothesised one commenter.

Another speculated that she dove onto a mattress. Either way, it’s lucky Swift stuck the landing or else she would’ve likely ended up on our list of worst celebrity falls for 2023.

That wasn’t the only impressive feat of the evening.

Swift reportedly performed a staggering 44 songs during each three-hour performance, nearly four times as many as in her usual set list.

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