Women are believed to be one of the most complex beings in the world as we will in this post be talking about things women do that drive men crazy. 

They’re appealing, intoxicating, brave, loving, and caring but even with all these qualities being said, they’re sometimes said to be the most confusing creatures on earth.

Aside from the physical appearance which is imperative, there are other great qualities as well that attract men.


Let us take a look at some of the things men do find attractive in women

1. Physically/S3x appealing: Men are easily attracted to women who dress to kill/ rock any occasion.

Wearing clothes that accentuate their curves boosts their femininity and confidence. Put on those heels or anything you feel comfortable in. Walk like a lady and talk with confidence like a boss.

2. Good cook:  A way to a man’s heart is his stomach is an old saying we all know of.

Go grocery shopping alone or with your partner.

Put on something comfortable to cook in and tie an apron.
Get to work and show your skills in the kitchen as well. Men love women who can cook and serve them well. The focus shouldn’t only be on the bedroom.

They prefer homemade meals to restaurant foods. Treat them like the kings they are and you’d be surprised they’ll stick around for a long time.

3. Smell Good: Having a sweet intoxicating smell attracts men closer to you. 

Aside from that,having a smooth and great complexion is a win-win. Investing in body products, others as body showers, perfumes, or body splash helps achieve this goal.

4. Great hair: A woman’s pride is said to be her hair. A smooth, glossy hair proves you’re in good health. Treat yourself to the salon, get a hair cut, braid, or dye your hair in a natural way to look and feel good.

5. Feminine Independency: In most cases, men do feel proud around women who can positively depend on themselves in any situation.

Studies show that men are confident around women who can make strong decisions and carry on positively with the responsibilities that come with it.

6. Kindness & Honesty:Who wouldn’t wanna be around kind and honest women?

When it comes to beauty, the main focus is on the inner as well. We all can admit that such virtue or personality is difficult to come by. No man wants to deal with a rude, heartless and selfish woman.

Men need women who can prove their honesty in many ways.

A beautiful, strong, kind, and honest woman is believed to be a treasure to keep.

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