Nursing Student: I was just showing off my acting skills.

I was just showing off my acting skills: A nurse who threatened to kill patients.


The female nursing student who was captured in a viral social media video threatening to kill her clients now claims that she was only acting.

She emphasized that she was just using the video to demonstrate her acting abilities by copying it from a Kenyan TikToker.

The student nurse stated in an interview with TV3 that:

“I was just trying a Kenyan comic video that was trending (on TikTok). On TikTok, if there is a sound (video) that is out, you always try and exhibit your talent. And so I decided to also get into a trend.

“So, I used my uniform for an English version (of the video). My followers on TikTok then encouraged me to do a Wale version. I sat for some hours and interpreted it in Wale because it was very difficult for me to the appropriate words,” she emphasized.

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Afterward, she continued by saying that

“Because it (the video) was about the nursing profession, I decided to use my uniform so that it would make it more creative. I deleted it that very day, but unfortunately, some people were able to download it,”

She further emphasized that she regretted recording the video and that she had never intended to damage anyone in the present or the future.

The Nalerigu Nursing and Midwifery College native also expressed her regret for her acts to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, knowing full well that they harmed the standing of the field.

Do you believe the entertainment she provided for her followers in this video would have cost her her career for good? Your opinions on this info, please.

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