Tribe that takes its corpse out of coffin every 3 years to bath and re-dress.

This tribe takes its dead out of their coffins every three years so they can be bathed and re-dressed?

Tribe dressing corpes

One of the pillars of mankind that promotes social progress is culture.

Culture differs from culture to society and from one region of the world to another.

When it comes to culture one man’s meat can be another man’s poison.

To put it simply, what is acceptable in one community will likely be ludicrous or forbidden in another.

This leads to the line of reasoning being the Ma’nene practice carried out by the Toraja people of Indonesia

They practice this every three years in memory of the deceased in the communities.

On the Indonesian island of Salawesi’s mountains, an indigenous ethnic group called the Tana Toraja (Land of Toraja) residents. Iguazu

The toraja people are notable for their Ma’nene celebration, a traditional custom that involves cleansing corpses (the ceremony of cleaning corpses).

Family members continue to practice this custom because a proper funeral is a significant part of the torajan people’s tribe/ culture in Indonesia.

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According to their culture, the Toraja people dig up the remains of a deceased relative.

They clean them, let them dry, and then dress them elegantly.

In other instances, family members store the bodies of recently departed people at their houses.

This is done until they have the resources to hold a decent funeral.

Tribe after dressing corpes

The Torajans have the belief that the spirit persists during the waiting period and only finds peace in Puya (the land of the spirits) after a burial rite is held.

It may be difficult to believe, but the tradition, which dates back hundreds of years.

It is thought to have originated from the legend of Pong Rumasek,

A hunter who discovered a dead body while hiking in the Torojan Mountains.

The hunter then tends to the dead and dresses it in his own clothes, an action that is said to have given him luck.

And in this way the bizarre customs have persisted, with the goal of establishing a connection with the deceased.

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Even while this Manene custom can seem like weekend cleaning, it is actually for the deceased.

In the ritual, the bodies are made up in various ways, their coffins are modified.

They are then paraded along a straight line around the neighborhood where they once lived.

They can spiritually connect to Hyang, who is thought to walk in straight lines.

This is by following the straight road, which is a symbol for this.

Even though the custom may seem strange, it is simply a more elaborate form of funeral memorials that are common in many societies.

What are your thoughts on this culture or tribe?

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