Truth for The Chris Kaba March was misinterpreted as a memorial walk for Queen.

Truth for The Chris Kaba March was misinterpreted as a memorial walk for Queen, leaving the audience “lost for words.”

Chris Kaba
Chris Kaba demonstration.

After Kaba’s passing, an investigation was opened.

After seeing the broadcaster’s coverage of the Justice for Chris Kaba march, Sky News viewers were “lost for words.”

Following the tragic shooting of 24-year-old Kaba, who was killed by a Metropolitan Police officer earlier this week, the march was held in London this past weekend.

An investigation was started shortly after Kaba was shot and died in south London during an attempted arrest.

Chris Kaba
Demonstation for Chris Kaba

The soon-to-be father was involved in a police pursuit when an automatic number plate reader indicated that the vehicle he was driving might have been connected to a crime involving guns.

After jamming the car into a small street, armed cops charged it, but a search subsequently found Kaba was unarmed.

After being shot, attempts at CPR were made to revive him, but they were unsuccessful, which caused his community to erupt in rage.

Chris kaba

His family thinks he might still be alive today if he had been white.

Kaba’s family organized a protest march to Scotland Yard on September 10 starting at 12 p.m. at Parliament Square in response to the tragic events.


Reporters mistook Kaba’s march for mourners of Queen Elizabeth II because hundreds of royal enthusiasts had also gathered in the streets in recent days after her passing at the age of 96.

The Queen passed away at Balmoral Castle, surrounded by family, according to the announcement made by Buckingham Palace on September 8.

Following the Chris Kaba demonstration coverage on Sky News, viewers were incensed.

One of them posted a video to Twitter where news presenters could be heard conversing while a clip showed hundreds of people walking the streets.

‘The weight of this historic moment has been felt here at the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Thousands of people still arriving to pay their respects to the Queen’, the broadcaster said.

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Correcting them and expressing their shock, the person behind the video said: ‘Bruv, this is the Chris Kaba march. Yeah, look at them, they’re all Black, mate.’

Others also took to social media to express their thoughts, many branding it ‘poor journalism’ and ‘shameless’.

‘Yo @SkyNews what kinda reporting is this?? It would take mere seconds of fact checking to know this isn’t some “tribute walk”, this is community coming together for the death of yet another unarmed black man at the hands of the met police’, one wrote.

Chris Kaba shot in Streatham. A MAN shot dead by police after a car chase was to become a father in two months, his fiance’s mother said.

Fight Racism

Driver Chris Kaba died after the chase in Streatham Hill, south London, on Monday night.
Chris Kaba performed rap music under the name Madix or Mad Itch 67

‘How can u make such a mistake like this’, asked another, while a third said the coverage made them ‘sick to my stomach’.

‘There needs to be an apology for this. On TV, not just some Twitter statement. Chris Kaba’s family deserves better’, another person penned.

Kaba’s family said in a statement following his passing that they are “devastated” and demand “answers” and “accountability.”

The Met Police stated that a homicide investigation has been opened; homicide is a crime that includes both manslaughter and murder.

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