Two Chinese Spies Allegedly Charged With Attempting to Obstruct US Huawei Investigation.

Source: CNN

The US Justice Department unveiled charges against two alleged Chinese spies on Monday.

They are accused of obstructing a federal investigation into a Chinese-owned global telecommunications company.

The Chinese telecoms firm was being prosecuted by the federal government in Brooklyn, New York, according to the charging filings.

Despite the fact that the corporation is not specifically mentioned in the indictment, a source familiar with the case confirmed to CNN that it is Huawei.

The two alleged spies were accused of hindering Huawei’s legal case by the Justice Department.

Chinese spies
Two Chinese Spies Allegedly Charged With Attempting to Obstruct US Huawei Investigation.Gouchun He and Zheng Wang. (Source:CNN).


An announcement about key national security cases is expected to be made Monday afternoon by Attorney General Merrick Garland and senior Justice Department representatives.

The cases involve “malicious influence schemes and suspected criminal activities by a nation-state actor in the United States,” according to a press release from the department.

The two alleged Chinese spies, Gouchun He and Zheng Wang, developed a connection with a law enforcement officer engaged in the investigation starting in 2017.

According to the charging documents, he and Wang thought they had recruited the official as a Chinese asset, but the US official was actually acting as a “double agent” under FBI supervision, preserving their allegiance to the US.

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It’s unclear if He and Wang have been taken into custody.

The two allegedly questioned the official about witnesses, trial evidence, and potential new charges against Huawei when the probe into the company was only getting started.

Prosecutors claim that thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry were delivered to the US diplomat in exchange.

According to court records, He and Wang have continued to pay the US official for information, transferring thousands of dollars in Bitcoin payments as late as last week.

He and Wang allegedly intensified their attempts to obstruct Huawei’s prosecution as the Huawei investigation advanced. In order to provide Huawei with non-public information, He and Wang allegedly requested that the law enforcement agents record the prosecutors’ trial strategy sessions.

The indictment claims that the US official instead provided a picture of a single-page case-related document with a fictitious “secret” marking to the two suspected Chinese spies. According to reports, the US official received $41,000 for the paper.

The agency has recently filed a criminal complaint against Chinese nationals it claims are trying to influence US individuals or are illegally acting on US soil in the capacity of Chinese government agents.

In the past year, prosecutors have brought a number of similar cases, including one against a Chinese national who is accused of attempting to slander a congressional candidate for New York in 2022.

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