What does Putin’s military law envisage?

A week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to annex four Ukrainian regions after a pseudo-referendum, which is not recognized by anyone from the international community.

Kherson, Zaporozhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk according to Russian laws belong to Russia, but which on the ground are being returned under the control of Ukraine.

Today, the head of the Russian state introduced martial law in the four occupied Ukrainian regions.

The media has already revealed what Russia is allowed to do against Ukrainians in these annexed countries.
Russia Attacks Kyiv with 28 Drones Inciting Fear.

-Forced mobilization of men

-Forced deportations

-Confiscation of properties & cars

-Jail for 30 days without suspicion of crime

Otherwise, Russia started the unjustified invasion of Ukraine on February 24 of this year, causing casualties and material damage.

More to come …

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