Woman hospitalized after enjoying the sweet taste of tlof tlof.

Woman in Danger after enjoying tlof tlof.

Woman hospitalized after enjoying the sweet taste of tlof tlof/Do the do.

Do the do is meant to be enjoyable, but one unfortunate person had a life-threatening injury that left her in “10 out of 10” pain; today, doctors have shared her story.

According to a medical report that appeared in the American Journal Case Report, a 45-year-old unidentified woman from Mississippi was sent to the hospital right away after she complained of excruciating stabbing pains that were “10 out of 10” in intensity.

She also had a sudden nausea and had trouble breathing.

The horrifying injury happened as she was having tlof tlof with her husband with her “legs squeezed against her chest,” according to the Mail.

She org-asmed when she felt a sharp pain in her chest and heard something pop.

At her local hospital in Mississippi, United States, she underwent tests and discovered that her blood pressure was 220/140mmHg.

According to the CDC, a woman’s blood pressure should be about 120/80 when she is in her 40s.

The largest artery in the body, the aorta, which is nearly an inch wide, was discovered to be leaking by the local medical professionals.

Her disease is called an aortic intramural haematoma and can develop to a full rip of the aorta.

The report stated that the patient “had a past medical history of hypertension and… admitted to a history of tobacco abuse for about 17 years, indicating she presently smoked six to seven cigarettes daily.”

The morphine and fentanyl that the doctors gave her to ease the agony later revealed that she had a leak in her aorta, the largest artery in the body with an inch in diameter that carries blood throughout the body.

Her situation and similar ones require urgent care in order to prevent death or serious complications.

The mortality rate for AAS is substantial, increasing by 1% for each hour a patient goes without treatment, and up to 22% of cases are undiagnosed at the time of death.

The circumstances behind the woman’s diagnosis, specifically the fact that tlof tlof was responsible, have recently been thoroughly examined by researchers in a new article.

Researchers were perplexed and acknowledged it was “not an often observed phenomenon.”

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The woman was released from the hospital after three days because her blood pressure had returned to normal, according to the publication.

She avoided having surgery, which is often saved for people who have leakage closer to the heart which was imperative.

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