‘Sickly’ Smell from Apartment Forced Woman To Abandon Her Flat.

Woman who was forced to abandon her flat due to the horrific smell coming from her neighbour realises he'd been dead for TWO WEEKS.

A Woman was forced to abandon her flat due to the horrific smell coming from her neighbour.

After two weeks the woman realized the odor was coming from her neighbor’s decomposed body.

A Queensland woman who had to leave her apartment due to a ‘ghastly’ odor was horrified to learn the source of the smell was her neighbor’s corpse.

The man, believed to be of German descent and in his 70s, was discovered on October 3.

The man, who was thought to be of German ancestry and was in his 70s, had been abandoned for two weeks at his Manunda apartment building.

According to his next-door neighbor Margaret, the odor got so bad that she was forced to keep her windows closed and was no longer able to sit on her balcony.

‘I actually jokingly told a man here that it smelt like someone had died,’ she told the Cairns Post. ‘It was a sickly, sweet smell.

‘It’s a smell that seems to stay on your nose, I’ve never experienced anything like it.’

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Crime Scene
German Man dead for 2 weeks in apartment

The corpse remained in the unit for two weeks before the woman noticed ‘millions’ of flies flocking to an upstairs window and called the police. 

The police discovered the body of the German Man dead for 2 weeks in the Cairns complex.

According to a Queensland Police spokesman, a report was being prepared for the coroner and the death was not being investigated.

Margaret has relocated into a friend’s house because she was concerned that the apartment’s high fly population posed a threat to public health.

She has requested help from the Residential Tenancies, Queensland Health, her local municipality, and MP Michael Healy.

Despite the body corporate’s assurance that the apartment would be completely cleaned 48 hours after the body was discovered, Margaret complained that it “still smells.”

A spokeswoman from Body Corporate Services said under normal circumstances the responsibility of cleaning the unit would fall to the deceased’s next of kin.

However, the man is understood to have no immediate family. 

‘Body Corporate Services have been working in conjunction with the property manager and body corporate committee to have the deep clean completed as quickly as possible,’ she said. 

‘We understand this specialist clean will be completed within the next 48 hours.’

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