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Benefits of Breastfeeding to .....

Benefit of breastfeeding


There is never bad time to consider how you will feed your baby. 
However, you are not required to decide until your child is born.
The following are few advantages of breastfeeding:
Your breast milk is specifically crafted for your kid, and it shields them from
 illnesses and infections.
Formula milk does not offer the same 
level of immunity from disease and does not provide any health benefits for you
Breastfeeding offers health benefits for you and your baby because breast milk
is always available for them whenever
they need it.
Breastfeeding has health benefits for you and your baby.
The advantages of breastfeeding for your child persist far into adulthood.

Breast milk in any amount is beneficial. The benefits and duration of the protection increase with the length of breastfeeding.Your baby’s risk of: can be decreased with breastfeeding if:

infections, which result in fewer hospital visits, diarrhea and vomiting, which result in fewer hospital visits, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
adult-onset cardiovascular disease
Additionally, according to some research, breastfeeding your child for at least 6 months can lower their risk of developing childhood leukemia. However, further study is required in this area.

For the first six months (or 26 weeks) of your baby’s existence, you should only give your breast milk.

After that, providing breast milk along with solid foods to your baby for as long as you and your baby desire will aid in their continued healthy growth and development.

As your baby grows, breast milk adjusts to match his or her evolving demands.

Breastfeeding has health benefits for you
You can benefit from breastfeeding and producing breast milk for your health. The advantages increase as you breastfeed more frequently.

Having a baby reduces your chances of:

Ovarian cancer
breast cancer
osteoporosis (weak bones)
obesity and cardiovascular disease

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